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The New Twin 6 in 1 Twin Nursing Pillow, Twins Bottle Feeding Pillow and
Twin Breastfeeding Pillow! The Most Versatile Twin Pillow on the Market!

Full back support unlike any other
 twin nursing / feeding pillow

Removable/ Washable Covers

1 Pillow with so many uses!

Made in the USA with DURABLE,
long lasting, BABY SAFE materials!


To nurse your twins just place the middle leg of the Twin Z behind your
back, wrap the two ends around and buckle them in front. Adjust the
buckle as needed. The middle leg provides a firm back support. The back
can rest on a bed or couch to provide maximun support. The sides have
a large, firm, slanted surface area to nurse your twins. The Twin Z design
provides necessary support for nursing moms. It helps alleviate neck and
back pain that can be caused from nursing.

Bottle Feeding

To Bottle feed with the Twin Z, you can place it directly in front of you
on a flat surface or you can wrap the Twin Z around you and bottle feed.

Buckle for Smaller Babies

When the pillow is laying flat, you can pull the sides together and fasten
the buckle to make the holes smaller for tiny babies. Check out these pics! >>

Tummy Time & Toddler Time

Tummy Time! >>>>>
AND Toddler Time! >>>>>

These are my 5 1/2 month old girls Avalynn (in light pink) and Kailey (in bright pink) in the pillow we
just got as a gift. I absolutely love it for them, they love to practice sitting up in it or just lounge around.
It is also the only way I can get them to do tummy time for more than 5 minutes without screaming.
It makes it so much easier to feed them when I have to do it on my own (I have to bottle feed) . Thank
you so much for this awesome invention! It is by far the best item we have for them. If I ever know
anyone having twins I will definitely strongly recommend them to purchase the Twin Z Pillow! -Nicole

Hi! Greetings from ----, We have 2 month old identical twin girls. :) We found your pillow by chance online
when we were thinking ahead to how I was going to feed two babies at once when my husband goes
back to work (our girls are all bottle fed). This is by far the BEST purchased we have made since the girls
were born. I have the My Brest Friend twin plus pillow, which is nice but yours is SO much better! The
Twin Z pillow is so sturdy - it's almost like a couch cushion and that makes it so wonderful. Much sturdier
than the Boppy pillows. Right now the Twin Z is the only place my girls will consistently sit and be happy
or fall asleep (besides crib at night). We're even considering buying a second one (nursery is on the
second floor, kitchen and our room on the first, would be easier to have two than drag the one around!).
Thanks for an amazing product. It's been a sanity-saver for us and we've only had it 3 or 4 days. - Amanda
Update.... Hi! We still LOVE our Twin-Z - both of them! I use it every day for double feedings. And thanks
for putting my last review/email on the website - I hope it's helping others!

We LOVE our Twin Z pillow!! I received the Twin Z pillow as a gift before our twins came. I had
bought the Brest Friend twin nursing pillow, but ended up returning that one after trying both.
The Twin Z was a lot more comfortable for both me and the babies. At the beginning, I was
nursing the twins and using this pillow. Now I am bottle feeding and use it when I am alone
feeding them. We always try to feed them at the same time & with this pillow, that is possible!
I don't know how I would feed without it! The girls are always laying in the pillow and quite
often take their naps in it too. Now we have even started using the pillow for tummy time. For
anyone that is having twins, I highly recommend this purchase! It is well worth it and you won't
regret getting it! :) ~Kara

Hello!! My name is Bonnie, and I have 2 month old twin girls. I'm struggling with
breastfeeding, and finally decided to research twin nursing pillows. I tried using a boppy,
a bunch of bed pillows and couch pillows, all resulting in a slipping, sliding mountain of
pillows and babies. Once I found your pillow, I knew I had to have it!! It is SO EASY to
nurse my girls, and then supplement them all times of the day. I love the back support,
and the wide arms that support the most important factors - the babies! My husband
even uses it when he feeds them, and my 3 1/2 year old loves snuggling his sisters with
the help of this amazing product! It's been a lifesaver in so many ways! THANK YOU!!! Bonnie

Hi there, I purchased a Twin Z Pillow from your website about 8 months ago as I was unable to find
anything in the stores that really fit our needs. As I searched online I was excited to find the Twin Z and
it worked out great. Even though it was my hope to breast feed, I was unable to when my twin boys
arrived. This pillow quickly became a lifesaver for bottle feeding the boys when I was home alone with
them. It is great for tummy time as well and everyone who sees it is amazed a product like this exists.
    We have used the pillow daily since my boys were 2 weeks old. They are now 6 months old and we
still use the pillow daily for feedings or cat naps in the living room. My husband calls it the "baby couch"
and loves it just as much as I do.
My husband and I, our boys and everyone who comes over to help watch them all love this pillow!
Again, it has truly made our challenging life with twins so much easier : ) My husband's mother had
2 SETS OF TWINS and has said several times how something like this would have been really nice to have.
   I really should have contacted you much earlier just to let you know how much we love it. I have highly
recommended it to other moms in my Mothers of Multiples group in the past and I will continue to
recommend the pillow as it is such a great product. Carley

Hello! My name is Brittany and i have 4 month old twin girls! I got my Twin Z pillow when
they were 3 months old and i could not express enough how much easier life has been since
buying this! I was previously using a boppy for nursing and my girls were falling off the
edges and i was couched over having neck and back pains. I had finally ordered my Twin Z
Pillow and could NOT wait to get it home. The back support on this pillow is amazing i dont
even have to be propped against a wall. the girls have enough room on the sides to lay
comfortably in football position and the pillow has enough stuffing that i dont have to hold
their head up to my breast! My girls also love to hang out in this pillow. They hold hands,
play with toys, babble to each other and always seem so comfortable and relaxed! I
absolutely recommend this pillow to ANY twin moms i hear of and singleton moms too
because that back support every new mom deserves! My prayers have been answered!
Thank You Michelle for this invention! - Brittany, Adalynn, Aveya!

My twins just turned 6 months and I am still using my Twin Z pillow every day. I tell every
new twin mom I meet that the one piece of equipment that is absolutely essential for newborn
twins is this pillow. Such a great idea and so comfy for little ones. Truly a life saver for feeding
both girls at the same time. Kate

"I am going to send the info/pictures into my husbands work, he is an OB/GYN. He has two partners and I will make sure that they recommend your website to all mothers expecting twins. I've only owned this 5 minutes and love love love it. I'll let you know what I think about the breastfeeding."...................................................................................................................
 "I have had a chance to nurse with the pillow and WOW! So much support it really makes me have good posture. I must be honest I wasn't sure if I would like nursing with it because it seemed so big, man I was wrong! I can see why you have 3 around the house." - Laura

"I went to a multiples moms group today and the ladies were talking about
breast feeding pillows, I promptly pulled out my iPhone and showed everyone
pictures from your Facebook page and told them all how it's changed my life for
the better and I couldn't survive without it!! Hopefully some of them will take my
advice and look into it as its the best thing ever! :)"
Happy Easter!! My girls are three months old today and our pillow makes the
perfect setup for a photo shoot! Thanks, Sharaya

The Twin Z Pillow is a necessity for a mother who is nursing twins!! It has been a blessing!! I have 4
children(4, 2, and 4 month old twins) and would not have had the time to nurse both babies
separately. We have also figured out you can use this pillow for many other purposes such as a prop,
support and pumping. Instead of having 2 boppy pillows I prop the babies up in the Twin Z. Now that
they are sitting up some I use it as a supportpillow. Whenever I pump at home I sit in the Twin Z for the
back support. I would also recommend purchasing two, one for the house and one for the car. My
husband and I are always on the go with the other children and the other pillow is great to have for
backup! Thinking back to nursing my older two children the Twin Z pillow would have simplified this
task as well. I recommend this pillow to everyone I meet who are planning to breastfeed!

Hi Twinz pillow! I have twin boys and at 5 weeks, I decided to stop nursing my babies when one of
them was having reflux and colic. After a day of not nursing them both, I nursed the twin that does
not have reflux and decided to continue nursing him, while bottle feeding the other. Carrie brought
me your pillow to try and I LOVE it!!!! Not only can I bottle feed one while I nurse the other at the
same time, but my older kids can help me by giving them both the bottle, knowing that the babies
are safe. I LOVE this pillow and recommend it to all moms of multiples!!! It is so soft, easy and
comfortable and it is very easy to take cover off and wash.

Review from a Twin Z Dad!
Hello - I purchased a Twin Z pillow about a month ago for our infant twin boys. First and foremost, this
is by far the most versatile and usable twin pillow have found. My wife is able to prop the back and is
supported enough. I can honestly say that this is the best pillow for multiples. We tried at least 3 other
twin pillow/nursing pillows before I found this one online. This thing is a life saver. Here's my personal
experience....before this pillow, I was using two boppy's when I would bottle feed. I couldn't get them
 close enough to each other for me to be comfortable. With the Twin Z, they are close enough for me
to prop my arms up on the sides. We love this pillow. By far the best we have found. It has been a
HUGE help. So congratulations on a great product!

I just wanted to thank you for designing this wonderful twin pillow! My twins are 9 months old
and I think this is our best purchase so far. We use the pillow for so many things such as nursing,
bottle feeding, and for a comfy place for my twins to relax (or to "read" books like in the picture!).
I have recommended this pillow to two fellow twin moms and they have been so happy with their
purchase, too! Thanks again! Kristina

Before the babies were born I bought a twin nursing pillow and when they finally started nursing well,
I just didnít have any luck tandem feeding. The pillow was stiff, awkward, and it never stayed in place.
I WISH I had the Twin Z Pillow when Grace and Leo were very little. When I got the pillow, I opened it
and saw that it came with a neat carrying bag. I put on the removable cover, which was super easy,
and set the kids up in it. Because Grace and Leo are 7 months old now, we mainly used it for sitting. It

kind of envelops them and even if they fall forward, the pillow catches them. I did try tandem feeding,
and it was by far the most comfortable pillow Iíve ever used. It has a nice back support and it clips
together in the front, so the pillow stays nice and secure. If I had this from the beginning, I think we
would have given tandem feeding a chance. Because they are still getting evening bottles, I tried it to
bottle feed them. It clips together in the front which prevents them from sliding down. Iíve tried other

pillows to bottle feed with when they were little, but they always slid down and I would always have
to stop mid feed to reposition them. Annoying. This pillow is just so versatile. I havenít seen any other
pillows out there that can be used for so many different activities. You can really use it from birth until
they are done breastfeeding or bottle feeding. It is good for tummy time, bottle feeding, breastfeeding,
story time. Really any activity. I would definitely recommend this to any twin mom. I think anything that
makes your life easier when you have multiples is worth buying. Here are my little models. Elizabeth

We dare you to compare
The most comfortable & versatile pillow for twins!!!
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